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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
Transforming Lives BookStore

CThe Wonders of His Grace - You're Equipped With Everything You Need - Click To Enlarge
The Wonders of His Grace - You're Equipped With Everything You Need
Karen Presley - (SKU#: NM34557)

Price: $15.00

Do you ever ask yourself, "What do I do now?"  This book is for you! 
In this book, you will discover the power and the depth of this wonderful gift called "Grace."  Knowing the depth of His grace, will enable you to take the struggle out of life. Pastor Karen is a gifted teacher whose been given the assignment to help people overcome the struggles of there past, while teaching them to identify the root of their obstacles, so they can step into destiny, through a closer walk with God.
The moment you begin reading, you will be encouraged and strengthened to move out w/ ease into the next shift that God is releasing.

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In Stock: YesISBN/UPC Code: 978-0-9843725-1-5
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