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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
Transforming Lives BookStore

CSpiritual Growth Series - 4 CD Series - Click To Enlarge
Spiritual Growth Series - 4 CD Series
Karen Presley - (SKU#: NM38011)

Price: $20.00

With the measure that you put into God's Word and studying His Word is the degree that you'll get back in your life.

In this hour, God has shifted the church and positioning His people for the greatest performance and display of His glory.  But you'll have to make decisions that won't be based on what your senses can see or recognize; God will position you before He brings it forth.
Be transformed by this 4 part teachings:
Preparation = Consecration
Spiritual Eyes Open
Divine Assignment of a Gatekeeper
Drive Out What God Exposes
These teachings will position you to walk in the full vesture of your purpose.

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