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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
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CLiving the Inner Life - 4 CD Series - Click To Enlarge
Living the Inner Life - 4 CD Series
Karen Presley - (SKU#: NM38012)

Price: $20.00

We've learned our entire lives that we have 5 senses, (Smell, touch, sight, taste, sound)  But actually we have 10 senses that touches both worlds.  We've been so conditioned to live outwardly, that we've never learned to live inwardly.  When you spend time with God, you become more sensitive to the reality of the spirit world.

Living the Inner Life by Prophetess Karen Presley is a compelling series that will teach you how to develop your inner senses that will bring about the Rhema is God's Word spoken with His mouth which produces His results.
These teachings will empower you into living in God's plan of purpose and destiny for your life.

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