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Obedience is the Key to unlocking your destiny! - Karen Presley
Transforming Lives BookStore

CBusiness Strategies 4 ENTREPRENEURS - Click To Enlarge
Business Strategies 4 ENTREPRENEURS
Karen Presley - (SKU#: NM43045)

Price: $125.00

Get 6 hrs of business coaching services for half the price of a 1hr in-person coaching session.

Matthew 24:15 tells us that we've been given talents according to our ability.  We have a responsibility to take what God has given us and maximize it for His purpose.

This 6-part CD Series has been designed to assist you in growing your business, ministry & organization.  This series will challenge you to change your mindset in how you do business and become more disciplined and self-motivated in the building process.

Karen will give you in-depth coaching strategies on the following business topics that will cause you to excel in your business.
What is an Entrepreneur? | Where Do You See Yourself Going? | The Art of Marketing | Branding Your Business | Sales Made Easy | Creating a Successful Back End System
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